Coaching Competencies

You can expect the following from any of our coaches:

Commitment to professionalism

  • Understands and committed to the Executive Coaching Centre Code of Ethics
  • Clearly communicates the difference between coaching, consulting, psychotherapy and other support professions
  • Understands and effectively discusses with the client the guidelines and specific parameters of the coaching relationship
  • Allow clients to design effective solutions and tactics
  • Reaches agreement about what is appropriate in the relationship and what is not, what is and is not being offered, and about the client's and coach's responsibilities
  • Determines whether there is an effective match between his/her coaching method and the needs of the prospective client.

Openness and trust

  • Continuously demonstrates personal integrity, honesty and sincerity
  • Always builds rapport, trust and openness
  • Takes time to get to know the individual
  • Establishes clear agreements and keeps promises
  • Provides ongoing support for and changing new behaviours and actions, including those that involve risk taking and fear of failure
  • Encourages mutual discussion and problem solving
  • Shows patience and has reasonable expectations, understanding that personal growth is sometimes slow uneven and perhaps difficult
  • Is open to not knowing and takes risks

Active listening

  • Distinguishes between the words, tone of voice and body language
  • Summarises, paraphrases, reiterates, reflects back what the client has said to ensure clarity and understanding
  • Attends to the client and his or her agenda
  • Hears the concerns, values, goals and beliefs about what is and what is not possible
  • Encourages, accepts, explores and reinforces the expression of feelings perceptions, concerns, beliefs, suggestions, etc

Communicating directly

  • Provides feedback that is clear and direct
  • Clearly states coaching objectives, meeting agenda, and the purpose of techniques or exercises
  • Always uses language that is appropriate and respectful to the client
  • Always asks questions that are open-ended
  • Challenges and takes individuals out of their "comfort zone" to achieve greater success and satisfaction
  • Challenges clients regarding their unused potential for the good for the individual and the organisation

Human capability development

  • Helps clients recognise previously unseen possibilities that exist within their current life circumstances
  • Shows a commitment to competence
  • Works effectively with clients to establish stretching goals and action plans
  • Communicates broader perspective to clients and inspires commitment to shift their viewpoints and find new possibilities for action
  • Promotes active experimentation and self-discovery
  • Encourages the client to explore alternative ideas ands solutions, to evaluate options, and to make related decisions

Implementation focus

  • Establishes a coaching plan and develop goals with the client
  • Creates a plan with goals that are attainable, measurable, specific and have target dates
  • Helps the client identify and access different resources for learning
  • Identifies and reinforces the early successes of the client
  • Effectively prepares, organises and reviews with the client information that is obtained during sessions
  • Demonstrates follow-up by reviewing the actions the client committed to during the previous session

Needs based coaching

  • Has a genuine sense of enquiry
  • Effectively applies theory to practical situations
  • Focuses on and systematically explores specific concerns and opportunities that are central to agreed upon goals
  • Always adjusts easily to the agenda of the client
  • Varies their to style of coaching to suit the client
  • Always recognises when to be supportive or challenging, tough or compassionate
  • Recognises different personal styles and adapts to these styles

Gaining commitment

  • Has a strong belief in themselves and their services/products
  • Has a contagious enthusiasm for coaching
  • Shows resilience and determination in the face of rejection
  • Demonstrates the willingness to take on new risks and challenges and enter the unknown
  • Always operates from a model of "strengths" rather than deficits
  • Lives and acts according to stated values and beliefs


I really appreciate all for your work with Aon Asia. Thank you so much for all the creative input this year. Excellent results.

Tom Armstrong
Former Regional HR Director, Aon Asia


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