ECC Organisational Quality Standards

What to expect from an ECC coach:

Members of the Executive Coaching Centre Coaching network will adhere to the following standards:

  • Members will have relevant qualifications and/or experience that enable them to undertake professional coaching.
  • Your coach will belong to a relevant professional organisation and maintain their membership. Such organisations will include NZIM, IOD, HRINZ, NZPsS, NZID, ICF.
  • All our coaches will have supervision, mentoring or coaching with a Network member or other approved supervisor
  • Members will have adhere to the Executive Coaching Centre Code of Ethics and their professional ethics
  • We will have an annual professional development plan that is aligned with the coaching competencies and a report on the achievement of that plan
  • Our coaches will have an understanding of adult learning principles and advocate self-learning and independence
  • When providing a service to clients Executive Coaching Centre coaches will: undertake an assessment of the clients needs using appropriate assessment tools, establish the goals for the coaching, establish a proposal or contract for the coaching which details the cost of the coaching sessions, where they will be held and the agreed frequency, explain the limits of confidentiality, discuss when re-evaluations of coaching will be undertaken, discuss how success of the coaching will be measured, undertake an evaluation of the service when it is completed.
  • We will ensure that the client is referred to the appropriate service if it is clear that there are issues that are not appropriately part of the coaching process.



The ACT based coaching workshop was brilliant.  I came away with a clear understanding of the ideas behind ACT and the ability to apply ACT within my coaching practice.  Thanks to the variety of exercises and ideas communicated on how to apply ACT I also feel confident that I will be able to help my clients identify the method and approach that is most likely to work for them.  The many opportunities to implement what we were learning during the workshop were great.  I will be highly recommending this course to others.

Dr Paul Wood
Founder and director of Switch Coaching & Consulting


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