The role, definition and ethics of the ECC Coach

The Role of the Executive Coaching Centre Coach


Executive Coaching Centre coaches believe clients have or can build the knowledge, skill and creativity that will enable them to make develop themselves to meet their own needs.

The role of an Executive Coaching Centre coach is to:

  • Clarify the goals and describe the coaching process.
  • Open up avenues for self assessment and diagnosis.
  • Allow clients to design effective solutions and tactics.
  • Co-ordinate the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable performance improvement.
  • Hold clients accountable for the delivery of the agreed results.

Definition of Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that aims to develop and encourage client(s) to achieve their personal best; to keep the individual, or team future focussed and aware of new opportunities for growth and development. The coach will help clients to work through barriers to change and assist them to overcome beliefs that limit them. The coach will help them to improve their performance while maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

Standards of Ethical Conduct

The Executive Coaching Centre coach will:

  • Communicate honestly and with integrity.
  • Operate from a mutually agreeable relationship described in a coaching contract.
  • Always be respectful and constructive.
  • Conduct the coaching within professional competencies and within limits of our expertise.
  • Have the highest standards of professionalism including responding rapidly to phone calls, e-mails and other communications whenever possible.
  • Insist on ongoing professional development and supervision to ensure the highest standard of service to the client.
  • Never allow conflicts of interest into the coaching relationship.
  • Guarantee confidentiality.


Your 'ACT based coaching' training was truly inspirational. I left it with the strong desire to work with the principles and elements you shared with us.

Dr Andrea Polzer-Debruyne


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