What, Why and When

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is defined as a tailor-made individualised learning and development programme for executives.  It consists of a series of powerful conversations that lead to effective learning through implementation.  It involves the coach helping the client to clarify goals; the coach also provides feedback support and motivation for change and growth. 

What is an Executive Coaching Centre coach?

An ECC executive or business coach works individually or in a group with executives, managers and professionals to provide objective, professional direction to increase performance. Enhanced organisational, team or individual performance is achieved by understanding and developing broad business strategy and competence.

Why is ECC executive coaching needed?

To survive and thrive in today's competitive environment, organisations must continually advance. Competence, at an individual, team and organisational level is a vital factor. Your ECC coach can be a key ingredient in ensuring core competencies at all levels, are continually build upon.

When is executive coaching needed?

The need for coaching can be prompted by a turning point that requires specialised advice. A turning point can be:

  • A change in work performance level
  • Boredom or burnout
  • A change of role
  • The need for less demanding work
  • The need for greater productivity and profitability.

The benefits of executive coaching?

What are the company benefits?

  • Clear focused strategy, sound balanced performance measures, commitment to strategy implementation.
  • Organisational, team and individual competence developed.
  • Enhanced staff retention.
  • Great productivity and profitability.

What are the individual and team benefits?

  • Increased awareness, confidence and the ability to act in a more effective manner with people at all levels, inside and outside the organisation.
  • Job security is enhanced with greater personal, team and company performance.
  • Greater commitment to live long learning.


I really appreciate all for your work with Aon Asia. Thank you so much for all the creative input this year. Excellent results.

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