Core government departments

The members of ECC have been successful in establishing long term, effective working relationships with large and small clients from both the public and private sectors. The clients of Iain McCormick include the following:

Public sector

Government departments and organisations

  • Civil Service Institute of Training and Development- Hong Kong
  • Correctional Services of Canada
  • Department for Courts - New Zealand
  • Department of Conservation - New Zealand
  • Health Department - New Zealand
  • Health Funding Authority - New Zealand
  • Health Waikato - New Zealand
  • Hong Kong Police
  • Industry Department - Hong Kong
  • Justice Department - New Zealand
  • Land Registry - Hong Kong
  • New Zealand Army
  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Social Welfare Department- New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Treasury
  • Transport Department - New Zealand
  • Ministry of Transport - New Zealand
  • Waitemata Health



Thank you so very much for your invaluable involvement in Rabobank's Executive Development Program in Sydney. Your Work Life Navigation session was exceptional (rated 4.6 out of 5) and the feedback for the Succession Planning session which you facilitated was also fantastic (4.5 out of 5).

Skye Ward
Business Programs Manager, Rabobank, Australia


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