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  • Executive coaching is a tailor-made individualised learning and development programme for executives. It consists of a series of powerful conversations that lead to effective learning through implementation. It involves the coach helping the client to clarify goals; the coach also provides feedback support and motivation for change and growth. An ECC executive or business coach works individually or...
  • A high performance team is one whose functioning is exceptionally strong. These teams achieve a harmony between the business goals of the organisation and the social needs of the individuals. The Executive Coaching Centre has considerable expertise and experience in building high performance teams. The high performance team can be achieved through the implementation of six critical factors...
  • Alliance contracting can be defined as a coalition of two or more organisations to achieve mutual and strategically significant goals and objectives. The alliance coach is a seasoned professional who can both assess potential alliance participants and also be involved in alliance team development and maintenance. The Executive Coaching Centre has developed a range training and development tools to build highly effective alliances.
  • A facilitator is a professional responsible for structuring groups and group activities in a manner that supports and encourages the participation of all members and allows effective decisions to be made. The Executive Coaching Centre provides facilitation services to help groups understand their common objectives and to assist them to build agreement and plan the path forward.
  • The Executive Coaching Centre provides a complete leadership development process based on The Adaptive Leadership model. This first meeting involves establishing the broader context in which the leadership development will take place. What is the agenda of the organisation and what are challenges facing both the organisation and the individuals? This phase also clarifies the scope and size of the project...


Developing collaboration between organisations cannot be left to chance - a game plan is needed and this is where Iain McCormick is extremely effective.

Ron Hooton
Former CEO, ProCare Health Limited


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