• Dr Iain McCormick (ECC Managing Director) has a Master of Social Science, a Diploma in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in organisational psychology. He has experience in: executive coaching, training and development, human resources audits and strategic planning...
  • Claire Day Claire supports businesses to achieve financial success through staff engagement. She inspires business leaders to engage their staff and help them understand how. 90% of leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success, yet barely 25% of them have one. She is a highly motivated and senior human resources and communications professional, with a proven track record and many years of experience working in a number of very respected corporates, in NZ for 14 years and previously in the UK. She has influenced workplace culture and delivered change at a very senior level.
  • Jolyon Allen's areas of expertise include selection and assessment, change management, staff development and support, and career development. Jolyon's areas of expertise include selection and assessment, change management and coaching managers in change processes, staff development and support, and career development....
  • Denis Snelgar has over 20 years management experience including 10 years as CEO of large complex organisations... It is said a great coach has you do what you don’t want to do so you can be who you really want to be. The art of coaching is being able to have insightful discussions from which events and situations appear in a new light for new actions and new results.Denis Snelgar has over 20 years management experience including 10 years as CEO of large complex organisations. In the last decade his focus has moved to being a mentor and coach for a broad range of individuals, teams and organisations in the public, NGO’s and private sector...
  • Keith McConnell has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Accounting) plus four years of undergraduate study in Law at the University of Otago... Since January 2001 I have operated my own business undertaking a number of contract assignments, directorships and other piece work. Details of significant assignments undertaken follows..EDUCATION Tertiary Education - Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Accounting) plus four years of undergraduate study in Law - University of Otago -Secondary Education Five years at Bayfield High School, Dunedin Academic prizes in each year A Prefect for 2 years..
  • Christine Scott has extensive business leadership experience gained in New Zealand and Canada, and is the Former Managing Director of Promina. Christine gained extensive business leadership experience in New Zealand and Canada, developing particular interest and expertise in strategy, governance, organisational change, market assessment and positioning, and mergers & acquisitions. Formerly Managing Director in New Zealand with Australasian financial services giant Promina/SunCorp Metway, she now consults with mid and large sized organisations through specialisation in the areas of..
  • Bronwyn Anderson has provided coaching to Managers and CEOs in various organisations, tertiary institutions and large Government associations. Bronwyn specialises in: -Developing organisational/team values -Providing guidance for culture change -Developing skills and shifting beliefs around change leadership and change support -Facilitation, e.g. strategic planning, senior management group workshops....
  • Stewart Forsyth works collaboratively to develop the individual capabilities that will build self-belief and effectiveness. As a career specialist he works with managers to develop career coaching capability, with organisations to enhance the alignment of the businesses talent proposition, its HRM strategy and their people's fulfilling and flourishing careers. He can provide you with a professional level of support and guidance as you manage your professional development and negotiate significant transition steps.
  • Jasbindar is a highly respected, experienced business psychologist, executive coach, speaker and author with a successful track record. She has had contracts with Government, Local Body and Private Enterprise as well as contracting to Deloittes and Price WaterhouseCoopers. She has extensive experience and repeat business consulting and coaching individual clients, groups and senior executives.
  • The Executive Coaching Centre Network consists of a series of senior coaches who meet a number of criteria...hese criteria are: -Openness to new experience and to constructive criticism -A strong commitment to lifelong learning...


Developing collaboration between organisations cannot be left to chance - a game plan is needed and this is where Iain McCormick is extremely effective.

Ron Hooton
Former CEO, ProCare Health Limited


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