Bronwyn Anderson

Bronwyn Anderson


Bronwyn specialises in:

  • Developing organisational/team values
  • Providing guidance for culture change
  • Developing skills and shifting beliefs around change leadership and change support
  • Facilitation, e.g. strategic planning, senior management group workshops
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Teamwork
  • Enhancing resilience
  • Emotional intelligence assessment and development
  • Design and facilitation of training in a range of areas, e.g. resilience, customer service, performance management
  • Career development
  • And other organisational development practices critical to the successful facilitation of well-led change and business improvement initiatives.

Qualifications and Training

  • Registered Psychologist
  • Diploma in Social Sciences (Industrial and Organisational Psychology) with Distinction (equivalent to Honours)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Massey University
  • Qualified with Myers Briggs Type Indicator and OPQ
  • Completed two-year part-time training in Transactional Analysis
  • Certificated User of Essi System's EQ Maps for measuring Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, and providing follow-up coaching (San Francisco 1999)
  • Accredited trainer in TetraMap
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Teachers College Diploma and qualified as both a primary and a secondary teacher


Culture Change and Organisational Values

  • Worked with various senior management teams to develop their values with behavioural examples of those values, and led discussions on how to ensure those values are demonstrated and monitored.
  • Advised the National Library on a values-led culture change: facilitated a senior management workshop around values and the development of behavioural examples of those values; trained facilitators in processes to develop discussion with staff around the organisational values, to assist staff to match their values to the organisation's values, and with teams develop behavioural examples for the values; and advised on the development of core valued behaviours.
  • Worked part time as change manager for NZNO for 18 months to enable them to transform their organisation around values. Facilitated a process throughout the organisation to develop and gain ownership of the values. This work involved a major culture change, and developing decision-making processes, performance management, reporting, communication processes, selection and orientation processes, HR policies, etc. Working closely with the CEO and coaching and mentoring the management team was a vital part of this assignment.
  • Advised a financial services company on communications for introducing their vision of empowerment. Surveyed staff on their levels of empowerment, with a follow-up 6 months later which showed progress. Planned and facilitated a two-day conference for senior staff to clarify their understanding of empowerment, introduce them to tools, and enhance their ability to undergo and facilitate change. This enabled senior managers to make huge paradigm shifts. The survey and training was based on the latest research on empowerment. Training was also provided for all staff nationally, followed with workshops on "Empowering Yourself Through Resilience". Bronwyn has provided ongoing consultancy to enable them to achieve an empowered workplace, including alignment within the organisation, exploring gender issues, and executive coaching.


Provided coaching to Managers and CEOs in various organisations, sometimes based around their emotional intelligence assessment, resilience assessment, or MBTI. Examples include the CEO of a large Government organisation, a member of the Executive team and GM for a large service unit within a major Government Department, the manager of a unit within a tertiary institution and his management team, the Head of a School in another tertiary institution, General Managers in several Government and private organisations, and team leaders and supervisors in various organisations.

Facilitation and Training

  • Facilitated many strategic planning sessions, including developing visions, purposes, strategic objectives and values for a range of organisations and teams.
  • Facilitated senior management group and other team workshops/retreats for a range of private and Government organisations, including identifying risks, strengths and developmental needs in the teams, strategic planning, resolution of issues, enhancing customer service, team building and developing resilience.
  • Teach a 1-day course on delegation for the Victoria University Vice Chancellor's Leadership course on delegation.
  • Teach a 2-day course on delegation, and a 1-day course on change leadership for Victoria University's Executive development Programme.
  • Teach change leadership, residence and emotional intelligence on a District Health board's leadership programme.
  • Designed, advised for and facilitated a comprehensive customer service programme for a large financial services organisation.
  • Facilitated resolution of issues, and conflict for many parties.

Team Development

Worked with a range of senior management, other leadership teams, and operational teams to plan for the future, identify vision, values, develop work plans, improve their understanding of one another, identify strengths and development needs, risks and opportunities, develop frameworks for the teams to operate within, enhance customer service, and improve communications.

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

  • Coached with many individuals to identify stressors, and enhance and sustain resilience with astounding results for the individuals and their work
  • With teams, identified their strengths and development needs in relation to their combined resilience, and their KPIs
  • Used the EQMap as a base for coaching senior managers and enhance their business results through heightened emotional intelligence

Other Organisational Development

  • Provided change support, training and advice to two large Universities and one DHB to assist them to gain the changes they require
  • Worked with an organisation reducing from 300 to 100 approx. staff, advised them on strategic HR strategies, including a major culture change aimed at creating an empowered workplace. This included advising the GM on strategies for clear accountabilities, organisational development, and the personal growth of staff, preparing a launch package, and providing a detailed plan for the following 6 months.
  • Developed programme, and facilitated workshops in a customer service programme for a financial services organisation. All staff attended workshops designed to change attitudes and teach new skills.
  • Assisted the largest Group (4,000 staff) within a major NZ SOE in developing a performance management system, and trained all its managers nation-wide in the skills necessary to manage the performance of their staff, and the staff in how to manage their own performance. This involved design of workshops and facilitation for over 55 training days, and initiated a culture change.
  • Reviewed a national operational unit of a Govt Ministry to assess how well it was meeting its objectives, whether they were the right objectives, and made recommendations on customer relationships, strategy, personnel, structure and location of personnel, and management issues. Facilitated feedback from staff after the Review.



The ACT based coaching workshop was brilliant.  I came away with a clear understanding of the ideas behind ACT and the ability to apply ACT within my coaching practice.  Thanks to the variety of exercises and ideas communicated on how to apply ACT I also feel confident that I will be able to help my clients identify the method and approach that is most likely to work for them.  The many opportunities to implement what we were learning during the workshop were great.  I will be highly recommending this course to others.

Dr Paul Wood
Founder and director of Switch Coaching & Consulting


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