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  • Denis Snelgar, Executive Coaching Centre Associate
  • Tel: +64 (0) 9 623 5099
  • Mob: +64 (0) 21 305830
  • 22A George St, 
  • Mt Eden, 
  • Auckland 1024

About Denis

It is said a great coach has you do what you don’t want to do so you can be who you really want to be. The art of coaching is being able to have insightful discussions from which events and situations appear in a new light for new actions and new results.

Denis Snelgar has over 20 years management experience including 10 years as CEO of large complex organisations. In the last decade his focus has moved to being a mentor and coach for a broad range of individuals, teams and organisations in the public, NGO’s and private sector. He has a broad range of analytical, strategic, interpersonal and leadership skills essential to empower others for tomorrow’s work environment.

Denis undertook over 5000 hours of international mentoring training and worked for a leading New York global management consulting company that provided extensive mentoring services to Fortune 500 companies around the globe on achieving extraordinary performance. He also has over 2000 hours of experience as a Life coach.

Upon his return to NZ, Denis worked as a consultant bringing contemporary mentoring and coaching thinking and practices to a wide range of assignments with organisations; from publicly listed to Not-For-Profits. He has volunteers his services to the young and upcoming generation by acting as a judge and mentor at the University of Auckland’s annual entrepreneurial Spark programme. In this role he has mentored a number of the winning teams. He has also assisted with the roll out of the new positioning for the global Young Entrepreneurs Organisation in NZ and mentored many start-ups.

Denis has developed extensive coaching programmes for both global and local companies and currently coaches/mentors a number of CE’s of private, publicly listed, NGO’s & Local Bodies.

Denis provides a responsive,  structured and rigorous approach with empathy. The focus is on his clients achieving a new level of result that initially may not have been possible.

Denis has a degree in economics as well as a post-graduate business and teaching qualification. 


I really appreciate all for your work with Aon Asia. Thank you so much for all the creative input this year. Excellent results.

Tom Armstrong
Former Regional HR Director, Aon Asia


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