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Jasbindar has provided Executive coaching and mentoring to me since 2005. We first met at the Institute of Strategic Leadership at Millbrook, Queenstown in October 2004. Jasbindar stood out as a reflective and insightful programme coach. Her conversations around a 'spiritual quotient' creating effective leaders, in the same way that IQ and EQ are recognised attributes were the first of their kind that I had heard. Since that time, Jasbindar has provided excellent direction to me on values, motivation and personal integrity. I have no doubt that my ability to effectively manage a team now totalling over 3000 Air New Zealanders is in no small way directly attributable to the sessions we have had. Jasbindar has provided great motivation, considerable clarity and a lot of humour and humanity along our journey. I have no hesitation in providing the strongest endorsement of Jasbindar's talents as a coach and mentor, and I count myself fortunate to have been a beneficiary.

-Ed Sims, CEO, Airways


My gift is helping technical professionals translate what is traditionally regarded as “soft skills” into tangible, real and practical actions, which helps them deliver results for their organizations and advance their careers.

For example, technical professionals such as IT, Engineers and Finance become better communicators who are able to more effectively engage and mobilize for greater success. Greater engagement has a direct hit on sales, customer service and profitability.

 “Jas makes a personal commitment to her clients and has a wisdom seldom found in others working in this space. A fabulous role model, Jas flexed her style to work with HR, Finance, Engineering and the Executive teams to bring about true transformation.” 

Angela Neely, Organization Development Manager

Because of these results, I have built a successful practice as a Leadership Coach, Business Psychologist, Author and Professional Speaker with over thirty years experience. I am the Director of SQ Executive Management Consultancy Ltd; an Auckland based coaching and consulting practice.

Some examples of my services include:

* Name withheld to safeguard privacy. Available as referees though.

Employee Engagement

Leadership coaching helped a telecommunications IT executive become a more effective leader. His employee engagement score improved from the low 30’s to high 60’s  (as measured by a reputable employee engagement global survey) creating a more cohesive and high performing team.  The added bonus was that all his 12 direct reports also lifted their engagement scores from between 5 -35 % resulting in improved relationships and business success. This was a great example of the cascading effects of a leader’s impact. Client feedback:

“Your coaching has been invaluable in helping me grow in my role and in enhancing my capability to deal with the challenging issues I faced.”

Vision and Direction Team Coaching and Facilitation

Helped the Board, CEO and his leadership team come together on their strategic vision and direction for this significant player in the travel and tourism sector.

As the CEO said afterwards, “it was a better than expected outcome.”

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Executive Coaching

Helped a highly competent technical client enhance his EQ and lift his leadership impact with not just his direct reports but other significant stakeholders.  An exciting development was the creation of a new R & D team, which led the organization to successfully identify and create opportunities and strategic partnerships in new areas of service delivery thus adding to their top-line.  Client feedback:

Your work with the team at the front end was the key to our success in working together as a team.”

CEO coaching of SME

Increased profitability by 1600% through various strategic actions and doubled the size of this technology company to 35.  Client feedback:

“Working with Jasbindar was the best business decision I have made. The positive effect it has had on my work and personal life has been truly remarkable.”

Conflict Resolution

Helped two senior leaders in media who needed to collaborate but were instead at not just loggerheads initially but the relationship had totally broken down to the extent they could not even bear to be in the same room with each other. Helped the two parties have a significant breakthrough. Client feedback:

Afterwards, the manager’s response was “In my mind, I had given you at 15% chance of creating a shift so am totally astounded at what you managed to do!”

Leadership Development and Career Coaching

Many of my clients I have coached have transitioned successfully from being a General Manager to Group General Manager to CEO roles.  A recent client had this to say:

Thank you for the congratulations - it certainly is a challenge I would not have thought of taking on if I hadn’t had your input over the last few years.

Conference Speaker

Presented at an ICF (International Coaching Conference) in Australia, as one of the 5 breakout sessions. Considering the 275 or so attendees, this was one of the biggest sessions with over a 85 attendees.  The feedback was amazing. 

“I heard Jasbindar present at the ICF conference a few years ago and her session has stayed with me over the years. She was present, profound and most of all real with her audience. She truly lived her brand and I was impressed and moved.

I highly recommend her to the judges of this award as someone who has the courage and wisdom to share herself with her audiences in a way that invites them to step into their own potential.”

Organization Development – a 360-degree assessment of the entire senior executive team

A GM of sales I was coaching found the qualitative 360-degree so useful that he shared this with his CEO who then commissioned me to do the same with his entire leadership team.  The leaders then came together and shared this with each other focusing on their key area of development.

“I have done a lot of 360’s in my life but this was the most tangible and useful in that I could actually do something with.”

Leadership Columnist and Writer

Apart from authoring my second book “Get your groove back”, I also write regular articles and blogs on leadership for Management Magazine, media and other business sites.  I have a reach of over eight thousand professionals as readers and subscribers to my articles.

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations:

Master of Arts (Hons.), Psychology (University of Auckland), Postgraduate Diploma, Clinical Psychology (University of Auckland), New Zealand Registered Psychologist, Member International Coach Federation, Member Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, Member New Zealand Psychological Society including Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group, National Speakers Association of New Zealand.


I have worked in the following diverse sectors:


Banking and finance




Engineering and IT consultancies


Media – Print and Television



Local Government and Government Departments.


Client examples:

Air New Zealand, Airways, ACP (Australian Consolidated Press) Ltd, Arrow International, APN, BNZ, Carter Holt Harvey, Coca Cola Amatil, Christchurch Airport, Deloitte, Department of Conservation, Fletcher Building, Fonterra, Metrowater, Pumpkin Patch, Serious Fraud Office, Schneider Electric, TVNZ, Telecom, Waitemata Health and The Warehouse.

Further client feedback:

Jas has skillfully influenced and guided my thinking and actions over the past 6 years. She is a wise counsel who combines sharp insights, toughness and warmth into a focused, no nonsense approach to business thinking.

- Liam McGee, Senior Manager, Global Leadership and Learning Deloitte, New York

Jasbindar is top of the field when it comes to intelligent and incisive insights into leadership and personal development. She is particularly skilled in working with senior executives to enhance their self-awareness and develop actions for meaningful change.

- Geoff Mabbett, CEO and Director, Melbourne

 (For further testimonials, visit www.linkedin.com/jasbindarsingh or http://www.jasbindarsingh.com)

Contact Details

Physical – 54 Mt. Eden Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland

Postal – PO Box 91 432, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Phone: 09 620 9673

Mobile: 027 280 3335


Email: Jasbindar@jasbindarsingh.com

Website: www.jasbindarsingh.com

Blog: www.sqleadership.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/jasbindarsingh

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jasbindarsingh




We got a huge amount out of the office retreat that you facilitated for us – thank you for your guidance and input – it was just brilliant.

Garth Falconer
Founder and Director, Reset Urban Design


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