Jolyon Allen

Jolyon Allen




Skills and personal attributes

Jolyon's areas of expertise include selection and assessment, change management and coaching managers in change processes, staff development and support, and career development. This expertise has been used in assignments for professional service firms, manufacturing organisations and government departments.


  • MBA.; Dip. Clin. Psych.;MA (Hons) Psych.
  • Registered Psychologist and Supervisor
  • Member NZ Psychological Society

Change Management

Ten years advising line and HR managers on organisational change, and then co-ordinating support services to staff affected by change. Work includes:

  • Carrying out climate and change surveys
  • Consulting with unions
  • Setting up Resource Centres
  • Assessing the gaps between current staff competencies and what competencies the business would require in the future
  • Developing new selection procedures to appoint technical, supervisory, and management staff.
  • Co-coordinating communications e.g. training managers, developing newsletters, liaising with PR advisers, dealing with the media.


Provide coaching to individuals for a wide range of work-related issues. These issues are typically in the areas of performance, interpersonal conflicts, leadership and management development, or job/person fit. Coaching interventions include behavioural rehearsal, video feedback, reading material and personality profiling. Examples include:

  • Helping a senior IS manager to be more open and trusting with staff, assisting a plant manager to improve his presentation and credibility with the Executive
  • Coaching the partner of a law firm to improve her leadership practices.


Experienced facilitator who has worked with managerial, supervisory, skilled and semi-skilled staff. Examples include:

  • Team building with machine operators, IS engineers, product development technicians, finance managers, sales representatives, accounting graduates.
  • Conflict resolution between a bank manager and branch staff; and the litigation partners of a law firm.
  • Facilitating strategic and/or business planning sessions.


Your 'ACT based coaching' training was truly inspirational. I left it with the strong desire to work with the principles and elements you shared with us.

Dr Andrea Polzer-Debruyne


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