Network Criteria

The Executive Coaching Centre Network consists of a series of senior coaches who meet a number of criteria.

These criteria are:

  • Openness to new experience and to constructive criticism
  • A strong commitment to lifelong learning
  • A commitment to the ongoing use and development of ECC tools
  • A Masters Degree or equivalent
  • 15 years senior management or consulting experience preferably in a globally recognised organisation

Membership is by invitation only. 



The ACT based coaching workshop was brilliant.  I came away with a clear understanding of the ideas behind ACT and the ability to apply ACT within my coaching practice.  Thanks to the variety of exercises and ideas communicated on how to apply ACT I also feel confident that I will be able to help my clients identify the method and approach that is most likely to work for them.  The many opportunities to implement what we were learning during the workshop were great.  I will be highly recommending this course to others.

Dr Paul Wood
Founder and director of Switch Coaching & Consulting


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