Stewart Forsyth

As a coach I work collaboratively to develop the individual capabilities that will build self-belief and effectiveness.

As a career specialist I work with managers to develop career coaching capability, with organisations to enhance the alignment of the businesses talent proposition, its HRM strategy and their people's fulfilling and flourishing careers.

I can provide you with a professional level of support and guidance as you manage your professional development and negotiate significant transition steps.  Some things that others have said about how I worked with them on different assignments:

  • Stewart is very patient and supportive.
  • I feel I was able to be the most honest I've been.
  • I found the use of metaphors and labels useful
  • He is able to provide creative ideas without any 'ego', I felt comfortable considering ways to adapt without pressure.
  • Understated and well organised approach to helping us achieve our goals.
  • I have found him to be an excellent model for my own development.
  • We have developed a warm relationship where I feel comfortable talking about the leadership challenges that I face.
  • He has been a mentor for me in evaluating the implementation of strategy, and has helped me develop my skills in the process.


  • MA (Psychology)
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Post-graduate papers in Organisational Psychology
  • Registered Psychologist
  • Fellow Human Resources Institute of NZ


I have run my consulting business since 2000, including executive coaching and leadership development.  Previously I was the HR Director for a leading engineering consultancy and Principal Consultant at Deloitte.

I am a professional coach with wide business and coaching experience.

As a registered psychologist I bring a professional, evidence-based approach to the coaching context. 

As someone who has worked for large corporates, government departments, small start-ups, not-for-profits and professional service firms I get the context my clients are working in.

I am passionate about personal development.  I have a professional supervisor (Jamie Ford, MD of Foresight) and receive peer coaching supervision from Dr Paul Wood and Sam Farmer.  I read, reflect and develop approaches to help people, myself included, develop further.

You can read my contributions to the Active Mindfulness and Strategic Career Development blogs at

More detail:


(021) 392 667

(+649) 378 9299



The ACT based coaching workshop was brilliant.  I came away with a clear understanding of the ideas behind ACT and the ability to apply ACT within my coaching practice.  Thanks to the variety of exercises and ideas communicated on how to apply ACT I also feel confident that I will be able to help my clients identify the method and approach that is most likely to work for them.  The many opportunities to implement what we were learning during the workshop were great.  I will be highly recommending this course to others.

Dr Paul Wood
Founder and director of Switch Coaching & Consulting


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