Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Centre provides a comprehensive coaching service to organisations. We typically undertake the following steps during executive coaching:



Establish the context

This involves the coach understanding the reasons for the coaching, the background of the organisations and the expectations of the involved parties.


Assessment for coaching

A comprehensive assessment phase that includes:

  • A series of in-depth interviews - with the team or person requiring the coaching to understand the key business issues
  • A staff survey to assess morale or other critical drivers of organisational performance.
  • If necessary, an in-depth professional development assessment for the team or individual involved using a very highly regarded psychological test called the NEO
  • 360 degree feedback (self-assessment, plus feedback from the person's manager, peers, staff and, as an optional extra, customers) using either our own well-established questionnaire or we can, as an extra, develop a tailored version of this using your organisation's own competencies.


A detailed feedback phase consisting of:

  • An analysis of the material gathered in phase one and the development of initial feedback results.
  • A meeting with the team or individual's boss, peers, staff and possibly customers to clarify feedback issues. Then a feedback session to the team or individual concerned.
  • A comprehensive feedback report setting out all the results in a clear and relevant way.


The development of a coaching plan:

  • Review the feedback report with the team or individual concerned.
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Develop a plan with goals, actions and follow up dates to ensure there is a sound development of the required skills.


Coaching session consisting of:

  • Preparation (by ECC) of relevant reading and other exercises designed to enhance knowledge and skills.
  • Coaching session including the identification of additional projects or tasks that can provide opportunities for business and skill development.
  • Review of progress made and goals achieved.


Coaching evaluation consisting of:

  • The usefulness of the coaching to the individual.
  • The relevance of the coaching objectives.
  • How well coaching met the person's expectations.
  • The skill level of the coach.
  • How well the coaching objectives were achieved to date.

Evaluation results

The Executive Coaching Centre regularly evaluates the results of coaching by Iain McCormick. All ratings are on a five-point scale with one meaning very low and five meaning very high. The following graph averages the results for coaching work evaluated over the last two years.


"I just wanted to be in touch to thank you again for your coaching, support and advice last year. My move is the best career decision I have ever made. Much credit to you, and many thanks. Some stories do have happy endings, and you may enter me into the 'successful outcome' column."

Mark Henrickson, PhD, MANZASW, Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Cultural Studies, Massey University


Developing collaboration between organisations cannot be left to chance - a game plan is needed and this is where Iain McCormick is extremely effective.

Ron Hooton
Former CEO, ProCare Health Limited


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