Facilitation Services

The Executive Coaching Centre provides facilitation services to help groups understand their common objectives and to assist them to build agreement and plan the path forward.

What is facilitator?

A facilitator is a professional responsible for structuring groups and group activities in a manner that supports and encourages the participation of all members and allows the group to attain its goals and objectives.

Why facilitate?

Facilitation is used to:

  • Enable a group to work faster
  • To get a complete answer
  • To get people more involved
  • To get smarter ideas
  • To get more new ideas
  • To foster understanding, support and follow-through

What is the job of the facilitator?

  • To act as a bridge between the participants and the objectives to be achieved
  • To mediate between subgroups
  • To act as timekeeperg
  • To direct the group process but to stay out of the content of the discussion
  • To help the group understand what they want to achieve
  • To build consensus and commitment to actions
  • To model quality communication

Key facilitation skills

These skills include:

  • Listening
  • Attending
  • Observing
  • Questioning
  • Managing conflict
  • Building consensus.

Services offered

Our facilitation services include:

  • Facilitating strategic planning and other smaller group meetings or workshops
  • Facilitating large groups and developing a consensus of views from a broad range of participants
  • Facilitation skills training.


Developing collaboration between organisations cannot be left to chance - a game plan is needed and this is where Iain McCormick is extremely effective.

Ron Hooton
Former CEO, ProCare Health Limited


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