High Performance Teams

The Executive Coaching Centre has considerable expertise and experience in building high performance teams.


A high performance team is one whose functioning is exceptionally strong. These teams achieve a harmony between the business goals of the organisation and the social needs of the individuals. In approximately twelve months these teams can be developed and achieve major improvements in financial, customer, business process and personal learning goals.

High Performance Team Development

The high performance team can be achieved through the implementation of six critical factors:

  • Astute team selection – this involves selecting team members on the basis of known personality factors that correlate highly with excellent team performance.
  • Compelling direction – this involves teams spending time and energy in setting both the direction the team should take and the means by which it should achieve its goals. The benefits of the team spending time in this area are huge as they build clarity, challenging modest aspirations, leadership and followership.
  • Enabling structure – this involves matching the job characteristics in any role with the internal work motivation of the individual. This match produces a powerful outcome which is achieved by the individual feeling that the work is meaningful and the responsibility is welcome. Sound structures typically involve smaller teams, diverse composition and the development of sound interpersonal skills.
  • Effective team behaviour – this involves providing teams with real time feedback on their behaviour, for example: the level of consensus building in the team, the level of over speaking, interrupting and blocking of ideas. Effective team behaviours include the generation of creative ideas, robust debate, balanced evaluation of options and effective decision making with full team commitment to these.
  • Expert coaching – this involves providing the team and individuals with feedback on their performance and collaboration. Coaching builds long term commitment to implementing change in teams.
  • Supportive organisational environment – effective teams can only operate in an environment where their work is valued and their output is rewarded. Teams can learn techniques to build commitment and support for their work from a wide range of stakeholders.

The Executive Coaching Centre works to build and maintain high performing teams using this model.


Developing collaboration between organisations cannot be left to chance - a game plan is needed and this is where Iain McCormick is extremely effective.

Ron Hooton
Former CEO, ProCare Health Limited


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